Lifestyle Feeds

United Equity carries a diversified line of lifestyle feeds. We can feed any pet you may have at your house, 4-H project you may have in your barn or any livestock you may have on the farm. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact our office!

Rabbit Feeds – 16% and 18% protein Rabbit Feeds

Chicken Feeds – Starter/Grower, Eggmaker Complete and Meat Maker Feeds

Lamb/Sheep Feeds – Lamb Starter and Lamb Grower

Goat Feeds – A variety of Goat Feeds are available

Horse Feeds – A variety of Front Runner feeds and concentrates

Dog Food – A complete line of Red Flannel dog food, manufactured in St. Marys, Ohio for PMI Nutrition, LLC

Bird Feed – Premier Wild Bird Feed (a mixture of millet, milo and sunflower seeds), Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, Striped Sunflower Seeds, Nyger (Thistle) Seed and Suet Cakes

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